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How to improve your sales follow-up

It is essential for your business since it directly impacts turnover and, therefore, income. As you know, your prospects and customers have little time to devote to you and are often over-solicited by a multitude of commercial offers. A multiplication of customer touchpoints accompanies this trend: these have omnichannel behavior. In this context, how can you ensure and differentiate your commercial follow-up without appearing intrusive? We offer you 4 lines of thought to improve your commercial follow-up.

Structure your sales team

(Re) structuring your sales and marketing teams is the first step in seizing the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Align the two services around clear business objectives and put the customer back at the center of your strategy to grow your turnover. For example, use the SMART method :

S for specific: be specific
M for measurable: use key performance indicators (KPIs) that let you know if the goal is achieved
A for achievable: be ambitious but don’t set the bar too high
R for realistic: your objective must be linked to your activity and your market constraints
T for time: determine a start and end date

Once the objectives have been defined and accepted by sales and marketing, be sure to empower the 2 “departments” :

the marketing director commits to a number of prospects to provide to the sales teams
the sales team undertakes to take charge of the prospects within a specified time, to enter the information in the CRM tool (customer relationship management tool), and to ensure the follow-up, in particular, by reporting crucial information to that marketing can benefit from it.

Take the opportunity to refine your common targets. Departments must also get in tune with who is the ideal client to attract (the persona in marketing jargon). This step is fundamental because it is the spearhead of the renewal of your commercial strategy.

Get the right tools

In a context where customers are more and more demanding, providing impeccable customer care may seem impossible. Have no fear: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and automation tools are there to make your job easier.

CRM, commercial memory and goodwill of your company

This customer relationship management tool will allow you to:

to structure commercial activity through the collection and storage of customer information. It is relevant since the customer is more and more omnichannel
to respond more quickly to customer requests when your sales are on the ground. Companies using professional mobile applications benefit from a 74% improvement in customer satisfaction.
Help your salespeople to qualify and segment your customers, and therefore to offer personalized offers. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, you can send a targeted promo on a product that interests your customer based on the pages they have visited.
To assign a score to each prospect (the technique of “lead scoring”) and to identify those who have a greater probability of buying.

Automation tools, to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time

The lead nurturing: follow and maintain little mature prospects

The lead nurturing is an approach which is to maintain or strengthen a relationship with prospects who are not yet ready to buy. It is about providing quality educational content to help them move forward in their thinking. Admit, we all have prospects who have urgent requests that turn out to be postponed for 3 months or more. Maturing the latter while maintaining “automatic” contact with them: this is the raison d’être of lead nurturing.

The predictive: increasing additional sales after-sales

Based on the product lifecycle, you can establish scenarios and identify probabilities related to past customer experiences. Example: Mr. Hoareau bought an American fridge. 6 months after his purchase, he will receive an article explaining why it is better to change his filter cartridge with a CTA to buy it on the site. The benefit: create website traffic and capture new buying opportunities.…